Artist Statement

casual photo of Sonny Monteleone photo of Sonny Monteleone smiling and holding a camera

Since the early 1970's, when I first started in the commercial field, my personal photography has centered around one central them: “Intimate Forms of Nature.” I look for the design element combined with a subtle light quality that captures the essence of my subject. As I have progressed through the years, I find this simple theme still inspires me.

Today, with the many new tools available, my photography and my inspiration have expanded tremendously. Digital capture, along with enhancement through computer software, has allowed me to merge the photographic and paint mediums in ways I never before imagined. Many of my photographs are printed on canvas stretched and embellished with acrylics. I also use a watercolor filter, combined with printing on watercolor paper or canvas, which gives the photograph a painterly quality. This ability to print an image in many different ways allows me to express a totally new view of the subject. Because of these new techniques, when I am on a shoot I now try to imagine the finished image as I release the shutter.

My favorite subjects are those of Scenic Louisiana - usually near swamps, lakes, streams, bayous, marshes, nature trails, or the Gulf of Mexico. Sunrises, sunsets, plantation homes, and old buildings are also frequently captured by my lens.

—Sonny Monteleone